Here’s what some people have to say about

Maple Mayhem:

Fresh Fiction- “MAPLE MAYHEM is a great novel about a small town that is full of surprises, great characters, and maple syrup. All you need to bring with you are the pancakes and a sense for adventure.”

Lesa’s Book Critiques- “It’s truly an exceptional mystery that demonstrates the strength and importance of family while showing the pain of murder.”

Kings River Life Magazine: “Dani’s strong advocacy for local resources is balanced by a refreshingly practicality, providing a unique viewpoint that is only enhanced by funny dialogue and an ever put-upon heroine.”

Drizzled with Death:

Fresh Fiction- “DRIZZLED WITH DEATH, the first in the Sugar Grove series by Jessie Crockett, reminds me of exactly why I love cozy mysteries so much. Hilarity ensues from the first chapter and doesn’t let up, even with a murder mystery to solve.”

Suspense Magazine- “This is a fresh new series that promises fun, quirky characters, and good recipes for all types of maple based goodies. You’ll find yourself craving maple sweets before you’re at the end of the first three chapters!”

The Big Thrill-”DRIZZLED WITH DEATH is a wildly entertaining mystery that will make you want to live in a small town, despite rising murder rates.”

Girl Lost in a Book- “A fantastic debut that was a fun read that was almost impossible to put down.”

Deb’s Book Bag- “Readers will find themselves always with a smile and sometimes with an explosive belly laugh as they read this book.”

Dru’s Book Musing- “Dani is a great protagonist, who I want to learn more about, surrounded by a quirky cast of characters who are just as entertaining as she is. I can’t wait for the next book in this exciting new series.”

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